Red Expert - v2024.04

April 16, 2024, 2:10 p.m.



  1. Ability to set display format for table data with types "TIME WITH TIMEZONE" and "TIMESTAMP WITH TIMEZONE"
  2. Connection to the selected database by pressing the Enter key in the connection tree
  3. Expand/collapse selected node by pressing the Enter key in the connection tree
  4. Index selectivity display when editing a table
  5. Closing ResultSet and statistics tabs by clicking on the mouse wheel
  6. Connection to database from the SQL script in the "Execute SQL script" panel


  1. Attempting to run an application in a minimal Java runtime environment (headless)
  2. Application updating using automatically downloaded Java
  3. Updating by proxy
  4. Updating the list of indexes when editing table
  5. Root tree node display in the profiler panel
  6. Restoring cell dimensions after editing it in the table "Data" tab
  7. Determining the size of columns in a dataset according to the width of its contents
  8. Cell editors for data with Date/Time types
  9. Action of the "Switch data display" button and similar functionality in the drop-down menu on the table "Data" tab
  10. Domains comparing
  11. Display format changing of a field with the TIMESTAMP type when editing it
  12. SQL scripts generation when extracting metadata for domains, exceptions, roles, indexes, external functions and jobs
  13. "Metadata Export" tool behavior when objects to be extracted were not detected by the program
  14. Retrieving information about objects with JOB type during metadata extraction
  15. Connection tree refresh when automatically connecting to the database from other program modules
  16. Ignoring the last query when executing SQL script if it does not have a delimiter character
  17. New Query Editor panel opening for an automatically connected database
  18. Application panels size adjusting when open new ones
  19. Database connection properties saving
  20. NPE when switching from the table "Data" tab without applying changes
  21. "Find and Replace" tool behavior
  22. Page Up/Page Down key actions when working with statistics
  23. BLOB parameters recognizing in the UDF
  24. Connection error output in the Database Statistics tool
  25. Autocomplete in the Query Editor
  26. Updating in the object tree when changes are made in the query editor
  27. Changing the cursor position when ESC is pressed