Red Database DBMS is a modern open-source industrial DBMS that is not inferior to the industrial DBMS, developed by the leaders of the world database market. Engine of the RedDatabase is based on world famous DBMS Firebird. It is included in the Russian Unified Register of Russian Computer Software and Databases. Red Database DBMS is certified by FSTEC of Russia.

RedDatabase is available in several editions and as virtual machine in Yandex.Cloud.

Roadmap of RedDatabase is available here.

RedDatabase versions are being supported during periods specified in the table below:

Product version First release End of support
RedDatabase 3.0 28.12.2017 31.12.2024

Crossplatform database manager for RedDatabase and Firebird. The main features:

  • Support of any version of RedDatabase and Firebird "out of the box"
  • Support of any kind of authentication
  • Development and executing SQL commands
  • Formatting and autocompletion of SQL commands
  • Visual designing of ER-diagrams with support of Reverse Engineering
  • Creating and altering database objects by using graphical tools
  • Trace manager
  • Manager of users and roles and their privileges
RedExpert is distributed under GPL 3.0 license and free for usage.

Roadmap of RedExpert is available here.

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