Red Expert - v1.0.4

May 13, 2019, 2:09 p.m.


Attention! Version 1.0.3 have a bug which hang application during update without manual authorization. So before update to 1.0.4 you need must to log in to your account in "Menu -> Tools -> Log in to"


  1. Native executable files for Linux and Windows are improved. In Linux, Java is searched for in potential installation locations (Oracle JDK and Open JDK), in Windows, Java is searched for in the registry. In the absence of Java in potential installation sites and in the registry, the search is performed using the JAVA_HOME environment variable and the PATH environment variable.
  2. Red Expert got the opportunity to install using the installer. After installation, shortcuts for quick launch of the program are created.
  3. Libraries from the Visual C ++ package for Visual Studio 2013 are linked statically, which eliminates the need to install the package on Windows systems
  4. Added the ability to connect to the database by double-clicking and using the button on the connections panel
  5. In the object tree, the display of the symbol for further disclosure of a node that has no descendants is removed. Also for the database displays the number of objects (for example, TABLES (6451))
  6. Added option in settings to hide system objects in the object tree
  7. Improved table metadata editor
    1. Added editing and deleting column
    2. Creation, editing and deletion of constraints and indexes is added (editing is performed by double clicking on the object)
    3. Automatic name constraint generation added
  8. Fixed and improved script artist
    1. Fixed loading script from file
    2. Script parsing fixed
    3. Fixed recognition of database creation statements, set term, commit, commit work
    4. Added display of the script on the panel
    5. Added the ability to edit the script
    6. Added ability to save script to file
    7. You can execute the script without active connections (a create database statement must be present to create and connect to the database)
    8. Ability to select active connection
    9. Displaying the result of statement execution and errors in the presence of
  9. Removed items for creating, editing and deleting in system branches
  10. Improved interface for performing procedures and functions with the ability to enter parameters and request parameters if the user has not specified them
  11. Changes made via the user interface are displayed in the object tree. Tree nodes are updated automatically upon successful completion of add, edit, delete operations.
  12. Added differentiation of roles and users in the user manager (separate icons)
  13. Changed display of connection windows in the user manager (removed unnecessary windows when there are no connections)
  14. On the Membership tab, the option “User → Role” is enabled by default. The remaining options are deactivated.
  15. Before sorting the data in the table, a full fetch is done.
  16. Added the distinction between the display of the total and the loaded (recorded) number of records in the table. Automatic counting of the number of entries is disabled by default, is enabled in the settings. Added button to immediately get the number of records.
  17. When pressing the ESC key in the mode of creating and editing objects, an exit confirmation is requested.
  18. Added feature of feedback without authorization on


  1. Fixed display of menu items for nodes in the object tree (removed inaccessible actions that were never available, for example, reboot to connect)
  2. Fixed error saving connection settings
  3. Fixed display of the window title when connecting to the server through the user manager
  4. Fixed creation of objects whose names match server's reserved words (escaped by double quotes)
  5. Fixed a double click on the object in the object tree (the tree does not expand when it is)
  6. Fixed table editing mode. When you click "Apply" did not exit the edit mode, as a result, changes in the editable field were not displayed.
  7. Fixed procedure call using “execute procedure” in query editor
  8. Fixed reconnection (Recycle) to the database (not performed at all)
  9. Fixed closing cursors when closing a table
  10. Fixed deletion of objects (if the object is open, it cannot be deleted)
  11. Fixed the location of menu objects (removed inaccessible and under development)
  12. Fixed display of the "Database Tools" menu (hiding, although it was active)
  13. Hidden schemes (in the “Firebird” and “Red Database” they are missing)
  14. Fixed display of errors in dialog boxes (structured output)
  15. Fixed working with tables if OpenJDK is used as Java (NPE when clicking on a table cell)
  16. Fixed bug where after adding a role it is impossible to create (change and delete) a user
  17. Fixed error output when editing connections
  18. Fixed opening procedure when using Firebird 2.1.5
  19. Fixed bug when assigning a role in the "Membership" tab
  20. Fixed grant roles if there were users with identical names.
  21. Fixed error when assigning a role to a role.
  22. Fixed closing the connection if there were open objects
  23. Fixed display of errors when connecting to an inaccessible database, if the connection is performed by clicking on the connection button
  24. Fixed display of the search window when you press ALT in Windows (when clicked, the window disappeared)
  25. Fixed bug with double clicking on “Favorite” connections
  26. Fixed definition of hot keys in the application settings
  27. Fixed display of columns in the table when fetching data
  28. Optimized loading of the Membership tab in the user manager
  29. Fixed display of the body VIEW. The body is displayed as it is stored in the database, a separate button has been added for formatting.