Red Database 3.0 - v3.0.9-rc.6 RC

May 27, 2022, 11:15 a.m.



  • Crash on releasing timer during server halt. RS-74745.
  • Shutting down idle LDAP connections uses time() instead of a timer, which should eliminate the crash during server halts. RS-73290.
  • On ARM64 architecture, DWARF-2 debug information format is used.
  • Memory corruption caused by "inline" operator "delete".
  • After multifactor authentication and policy handling, cached connections to the security database are terminated. RS-74745.
  • Fixed LDAP role lookup for users having parentheses in their DNs. RS-35932.
  • LDAP session initialization is protected by critical section. This shoud elliminate a possible crash during multi-threaded initialization. RS-70970.
  • Errors in "ON DISCONNECT" triggers are outputt o trace if the log_errors parameter is set.
  • Refactored binding of the sort buffers to their owners. That should fix memory corruption when releasing sorts. RS-73597.


  • LDAP error diagnostics have been improved.

FBJava updated to 1.1.17:

  • Fix exception passing to client during JVM initialization

Ported from Firebird:

  • Incorrect error message with isc_sql_interprete(). FB-7128.
  • Wrong detection of must-be-delimited user names. FB-7106.
  • Mapping error when server tries to use mapping rules from database in full shutdown state. FB-7121.
  • Firebird engine randomly fails when delivering mapping clear to other processes. FB-7135.
  • Invalid state of mapping cache after replacement of database. FB-7122.
  • Bad plan (HASH instead of JOIN) is chosen for some inner joins. FB-7137.
  • Partially backported for FB-7138: Problems accessing database, copied from another host. FB-7138.
  • Services manager breaks long lines into 1023 bytes portions when using isc_info_svc_line in Service::query(). FB-7141.
  • Indexed STARTING WITH execution is very slow with UNICODE collation. FB-6872.
  • Improve indexed lookup speed of strings when the last keys characters are part of collated contractions. FB-7093.
  • Incorrect indexed lookup of strings when the last keys characters are part of collated contractions and there is multi-segment insensitive descending index. FB-7094.
  • Wrong select result in case of special sort character. FB-7140.
  • Update zlib to 1.2.12. FB-7161.
  • Serious issue with SYSDBA user with Legacy_Auth in Windows Installer. FB-7158.
  • Attempt to fix recent crashes in oltp-emul test.
  • Incorrect error "Invalid token. Malformed string." with union + blob + non utf8 varchar. FB-7176.
  • Problems with use of big timeout (or no timeout at all) in trace service. FB-7147.
  • gbak output not flushing. FB-7184.