Red Database 3.0 - v3.0.9-rc.5 RC

Feb. 21, 2022, 10:38 a.m.



  • Release temporary page space earlier to avoid possible memory corruption. RS-71697.
  • Crash when using LDAP_ATTR() with empty LDAPServer configuration parameter. RS-73851.
  • Segmentation fault after fix for RS-73189 because of uninitialized variable.
  • Start LDAP disconnect timer only for actions performed in attachment. RS-73290.
  • If stdin is FILE_TYPE_PIPE then we should treat it as non-interactive. RS-35237.
  • Use isc_dpb_version2 for DPB clumplets to avoid 255 bytes limit for isb_dpb_auth_block. RS-73189.
  • Increase max size of input parameter of REGEXP_SUBSTR. RS-73363.
  • Insert an index node to the correct position at a non-leaf level after splitting a page at the level below. RS-73437.
  • Wrong logging of buffer size changes on SUPERSERVER with active connections. RS-70119.
  • Error "Invalid clumplet buffer structure" in fbtrace adapter. RS-71982.
  • Incorrect counting of sorting memory in the trace. RS-67319.
  • Relax libtinfo requirement. If it’s missing, the installer will show a warning instead of aborting. RS-72881.
  • Disable dbbStats bumping only for SUPERSERVER. RS-72067.
  • Release page lock after failed read. RS-72076.
  • Wrong version string length obtaining for strings >= 128 when parsing isc_info_firebird_version. RS-72200.
  • Add a precedence relationship between a big record's head and its tail to avoid corruption in case of server crash.


  • Default length of context variables increased up to 8192. RS-71426.

FBJava updated to 1.1.16

  • Pack debugging symbols. RS-71111.

Ported from Firebird:

  • Fixed FB-7056 (Fetching from a scrollable cursor may overwrite user-specified buffer and corrupt memory) and FB-7057 (Client-side positioned updates work wrongly with scrollable cursors) with a single shot.
  • Database statistics service could not find existing table(s). FB-7119.
  • FB service hangs and can not be stopped after several 'DELETE FROM MON$STATEMENTS' being issued in order to stop ES/EDS which waits record for updating. FB-7103.
  • Server hangs in trace code when it tries to update mapping cache. FB-7115.
  • Avoid unload of plugins in MacOS due to problematic reload of them. FB-7112.
  • Use clock_gettime in MacOS.
  • Content of DB file can be overwritten with zero characters in some (rare) cases. FB-7109.
  • Fix MacOS UDR and Legacy_UserManager plugins not working due to not exported entry point. FB-7088.
  • Creating unique constraints on MacOS fails on larger tables. FB-7084.
  • Deadlock when using not initialized security database. FB-7067.