Red Database 3.0 - v3.0.9-rc.4 RC

Dec. 7, 2021, 5:18 p.m.



  • Server crash on file blob reading.


  • Increased maximum string length for ISQL error messages up to 8192 characters.
  • Stability of gfix utility.


  • Ability to authenticate user in ActiveDirectory using its username "as is" without LDAPUserDN usage.
  • New configuration parameter LDAPDomain that specifies ActiveDirectory domain and base branch for searching users.

Ported from Firebird:

  • Deadlock when execute test for CORE-4337. FB-7060
  • Wrong message when user has no access to /tmp/firebird, changes due to older c++ dialect. FB-7043.
  • Status vector for ES() is unstable if another execute block with correct statement was executed before. Affects only LINUX builds in Classic mode. FB-6966.
  • Wrong message when user has no access to /tmp/firebird. FB-7043.
  • Fixed my 6-years old but unnoticed bug with circular strings buffer.
  • Fixes for 64-bit android build.