Red Database 3.0 - v3.0.7.53 RC

April 15, 2021, 5:23 p.m.



  1. Fix copying of blob returned by READ_FILE function
  2. Do not use page spaces in implementation of external blob files
  3. Fixed possible crash when authentication factor login is empty
  4. Wrong error "record not found for user:" when we don't need to sync LDAP user passwords
  5. Fixed wrong error if server doesn't understand sent by gbak blob info tag
  6. Remove integrity checking triggers on RDB$USER_PRIVILEGES
  7. One more place to set effective login for trusted user
  8. Frontported the forgotten bugfix for the ORDER ... INDEX plan
  9. Using LDAP_ATTR inside stored procedure causes server crash
  10. Give firebird user permissions to write into examples/empbuild directory
  11. Move initialize repl_last_error shared memory to place when first use it
  12. Wrong check for using trusted certificate with empty password
  13. Fix sql mistakes when extracting metadata
  14. Fix an issue that prevented deleting/restoring a table with a missing external file


  1. New setting TempTableDirectory

FBJava updated to 1.1.13:

  1. Add the ability to specify options for database in 'fbjava.yaml' config.
  2. Add getting database GUID from current connection context.

FBJava-Lucene updated to 2.0.13:

  1. Execute FTS search only if index has been reindexed.
  2. Use FTS directory specified in configuration file for current database.
  3. Use separate directories equal to database GUIDs to store FTS indices by default.

Ported from Firebird:

  1. This should fix bug CORE-6488 : Event delivery could be missed when local (XNET) protocol is used
  2. Backport bugfix for CORE-6486 and CORE-6487
  3. Enhanced cross-build - make it possible to build external library for both architectures involed
  4. Update list of known services
  5. Backported fix for CORE-6468: Wire compression causes sporadic "Error reading data from the connection." errors
  6. Backported CORE-6501: Segfault when shutting down database which got encrypted by another process
  7. Backported CORE-6499: Regression: gstat with switch -t executed via services fails with "found unknown switch" error
  8. Backported CORE-6479: COMMENT ON USER can only apply comment on user defined by the default usermanager plugin
  9. Backported CORE-6489: User without ALTER ANY ROLE privilege can use COMMENT ON ROLE
  10. Backported CORE-6446: CLOOP envelopes is wrong in IStatus
  11. Backported CORE-6518: Wrong message when connecting to tiny trash database file
  12. Backported CORE-6525: Segfaults in fbclient when receiving invalid / unexpected data from server
  13. Backported CORE-6528: Connect to database that contains broken pages can lead to FB crash
  14. Fixed CORE-6527 - Regression: inline comment of SP parameter with closing parenthesis leads to incorrect SQL when trying to extract metadata
  15. Fixed CORE-6517 - CREATE DATABASE fails with 'Token unknown' error when DB name is enclosed in double quotes and 'DEFAULT CHARACTER SET' is specified after DB name
  16. Fixed bug CORE-6531 : COMPUTED BY column looses charset and collate of source field <F> when <F> is either of type BLOB or VARCHAR casted to BLOB
  17. Fixed bug CORE-6532 : Results of сoncatenation with blob has no info about collation of source columns (which are declared with such info)
  18. Backported CORE-6521: CAST of Infinity values to FLOAT doesn't work
  19. Backported fix for CORE-6494 - Inconsistent translation "string->timestamp->string->timestamp" in dialect 1
  20. Fixed wrong sync used after write failure. Thanks to Ilya Eremin
  21. Added missing sync to the CCH_forget_page(). Thanks to Ilya Eremin