Red Database 3.0 - v3.0.7.157

May 18, 2021, 3:06 p.m.



  1. Client crashes when receives an empty multifactor packet
  2. Skip "SrpNNN" plugins if there is no login
  3. Set 4K page alignment in Superserver before attempt to read header
  4. O_DIRECT requires to read from file in blocks that are multiple of 4K
  5. Changed regex repeated groups counting
  6. Don't log LDAP errors when LDAP_ATTR function is called. Throw them as exceptions to the user instead
  7. Log error if the user certificate doesn't match the certificate in LDAP
  8. Fix incorrect error text in firebird.log when an error occurs in PluginLogWriter
  9. The list of created/deleted BLOB files is not freed when transaction ends


  1. Isql saves command history in Linux
  2. Builtin ICU support for linux.
  3. Add the trace parameter that aborts the current logging operation if an error occurs while writing to the trace file.
  4. Ability to print dumps of memory pools using SQL clause "DUMP" in builds with enabled DEBUG_GDS_ALLOG macros

FBJava-Lucene updated to 2.0.14:

  1. Updated lucene library to version 7.7.3 with a fix for IndexWriter initialzation.
  2. Executing of FTS procedures and triggers with owner privileges.

Ported from Firebird:

  1. Backport from master reworked fix for CORE-6015 : Segfault when using expression index with complex expression
  2. Fixed CORE-6542 - Implementation of SUBSTRING for UTF8 character set is inefficient
  3. Postfix for CORE-6542: use U8_NEXT_UNSAFE to avoid problems with older ICU versions/Windows
  4. Additional patch for CORE-6015 : Segfault when using expression index with complex expression
  5. Allow to cancel statement\attachment when it is waiting on LCK_record_gc lock
  6. Postfix for CORE-6542: fixed build with some ICU versions. Also changed related solution in isql
  7. Backported CORE-6541: Restore backup on RawDevice
  8. Backport fix for bug GH-6777 : AV when engine shut down and cancels attachment that is waiting in lock manager
  9. SIMILAR TO also requires escape of }
  10. Backported #6780: added post-install script for Android to create architecture-specific files after cross build
  11. Fixed bug GH-6782 : Getting "records fetched" for functions/procedures in trace
  12. This should fix bug GH-6781 : Crashing process hangs (UDF exception)
  13. Another attempt to fix bug GH-6781 : Crashing process hangs (UDF exception)
  14. Next attempt to fix bug GH-6781 : Crashing process hangs (UDF exception)
  15. Avoid problems in case of buggy config with >1 Loopback in Providers
  16. Improvement GH-6748 : Freeing a statement using DSQL_drop or DSQL_unprepare should send free packet immediately [CORE6519]
  17. Backport #5913 - Increase number of formats/versions of views from 255 to 32K (CORE-5647)
  18. Fix memory leaks in external triggers examples
  19. Fix #6796 - Buffer overflow when padding line with national characters causes ISQL crash