Red Database 3.0 - v3.0.4.57 RC

Oct. 1, 2019, 11:50 a.m.



  1. Authentication using certificate doesn't work if there are the signature keys in a container
  2. GSS plugin on the server side can be executed before client one
  3. Use password in UTF16 encoding for sambaNTPassword calculating
  4. Change "sambaPwdLastSet" LDAP attribute when samba password has been changed
  5. Uninstaller now uninstall systemd unit


  1. Trusted user can attach to a database with a different login
  2. Transfer provider id to client
  3. Increased default cache size of the security DB
  4. Uninstaller now do not delete system user
  5. Drop obsolete qli and gsplit from build
  6. Additions and fixes in documentation
  7. Drop LSB support in favor pure CentOS 6 build
  8. Tommath now linked statically

fbjava updated to 1.1.4:

  1. Getting all user roles to configure security Initially, only one role is taken - current_role. but it's not right. User can have many roles active, as access rights are configured using a combination of roles
  2. Support some substitutions inside first argument of java-security permission

Ported from Firebird:

  1. Fixed CORE-6144: Inconsistent behaviour of the NEW context variable in AFTER UPDATE OR DELETE triggers
  2. Fixed bug CORE-6138 : Inconsistent behavior regarding visibility of master record on detail inserts
  3. Backported CORE-6143: Error 'Multiple maps found for ...' is raised in not appropriate case
  4. Port forward fix for bug CORE-6142 : Error "connection lost to database" could happen when application creates few local attachments (using XNET) simultaneously
  5. Fixed bug CORE-6137 : Server crashes when it run SQL
  6. An attempt to fix CORE-6134: Win_Sspi in the list of auth plugins leads message about failed login to be changed (from 'Your user name and password are not defined...' to 'Missing security context ...')
  7. Effective login constant fixed in Firebird.pas
  8. Fixed CORE-6108 - Regression: FB3 throws "Datatypes are not comparable in expression" in procedure parameters.
  9. Fixed CORE-6087 - Problem with casting within UNION.
  10. Fix CORE-6068 - Server hangs when compiling big package with error.
  11. Backport fixed diagnostics
  12. Fixed CORE-6104: incorrect erroris thrown when an embedded user does not have SELECT permissions
  13. This should fix CORE-6097: Connection does not see itself in the MON
  14. Improvement CORE-6095 : Extend trace record for COMMIT/ROLLBACK RETAINING to allow chaining of transaction ids
  15. Backported CORE-5784: Lock folder inizialization is not multi-process safe
  16. Authentication block, received by client plugin from engine, might contain trash
  17. Postfix for CORE-6091, thanks to Vlad
  18. Fixed CORE-6091: Errors when processing correct SQL statements in engine12 provider loaded by FB4 server
  19. Rework bugfix for CORE-5600 to avoid regression CORE-6089
  20. This should fix CORE-6090: BLOB fields may be suddenly set to NULLs during UPDATE after a table format change
  21. Fix for CORE-6072 - make firebird always work with security database from databases.conf
  22. Partial fix for CORE-6072 - reworked potentially buggy approach when adding different kind of strings to the clumplet
  23. Partial fix for CORE-6072 - use configured providers internally (except loopback)
  24. Fixed CORE-6086, thanks to Vlad
  25. Backported CORE-6078: Permissions for create or alter statements are not checked