Red Database 3.0 - v3.0.3.88

July 20, 2018, 11:21 a.m.


  1. Fixed an error when after granting a role with GRANT OPTION you cannot grant it father.
  2. Added a check if a generator and exception exists in granting them privileges
  3. Added a check if a role exists while we grant a privilege to it
  4. Fixed an error of getting provider's name in CryptoAPI plugin
  5. Added cryptoplugin errors handling and print a list of available providers in mint utility
  6. Fixed help of mint utility
  7. Now a config file fbjava.yaml is saved while update
  8. Now RedDatabase uses jaybird from fbjava
  9. Now demon is not started after installation for better compatibility with containers
  10. Fixed crash by using "OPTIMIZE FOR FIRST ROWS"
  11. Fixed function LDAP_ATTR with work with userCertificate
  12. Fixed procedure execution owned by SYSDBA
  13. Fixed crash in multifactor authentication while using hashgen without options
  14. Now config option ServerPrivatePin is used by checking server certificate
  15. Fixed password set time reset while user creating or password changing
  16. Fixed handling uncrypted "legacy" passwords
  17. Fixed an error or changing muptifactor password
  18. Fixed check of RDB$ADMIN role if it's granted by default
  19. Fixed authentication with multifactor plugin if it's not on the first place in AuthClient and AuthServer config options
  20. Fixed handling absulute paths in hashgen in Windows
  21. Fixed login of multifactor user if salt+login+password is greater then 32 bytes
  22. Now multifactor login is case sensitive
  23. Added OutputRedirectionFile option for redirection stdout/stderr of server to file (/dev/null by default)
  24. Now it's possible to deactivate user in LDAP by using "ALTER USER ... ACTIVE/INACTIVE"
  25. Now it's possible to user "WITH LOCK" for GTT
  26. Components fbjava and fbjava-lucene are updated
  27. Fixed memory leaks in fbjava
  28. Now it's possible to use different classpath for different databases in fbjava
  29. Rules in java-security.fdb are used for all user's jars
  30. Documentation improvements for SQL SECURITY
  31. fbrepldiff utility now skip GTT
  32. Fixed errors of compatibility with CryptoPro and GOST P 34.11-2012 algorithms
  33. New function of HASGARGS which allows you to calculate a hash of all table data independing to record order.
  34. Added server certificate validation while authentication
  35. Optimization improvements are ported from 2.6
  36. Now an option MAX_FAILED_COUNT works for LDAP too.
  37. Long sorts do not block concurrent connections
  38. Relax restriction on indexing system tables Ported from Firebird:
    • Minimal backport of flags needed for ARM builds
    • Another fix for bug CORE-5436 : [FB3 SC] Server hangs (under load test)
    • More strict fix for bug CORE-5436 : [FB3 SC] Server hangs (under load test)
    • Rework fix for bug CORE-5436 : [FB3 SC] Server hangs (under load test)
    • Backport fix for bug CORE-5843 : Wrong handling of failures of TRANSACTION START trigger
    • Fixed bug CORE-5847 : "Malformed string" instead of key value in PK violation error message
    • Applied CORE-5788: Security Patch: Replacement of use of SHA-1 in the SRP Client Proof with SHA-256
    • Add sha2 into Windows builds(vc10, vc12 and vc14)
    • Fixed CORE-5846 - CREATE VIEW issues "Implementation of text subtype 512 not located".
    • Postfix for CORE-5846 - CREATE VIEW issues "Implementation of text subtype 512 not located".
    • This should fix bug CORE-5863 : Classic process crashes when client disconnected
    • Fixed exception handling in wire crypt code
    • Backported CORE-5765: Missing directives in Firebird.pas
    • Backported CORE-5769: Database crypt plugin sample on Pascal is broken
    • This should fix bug CORE-5702 : Firebird Handle Leak Windows Fixed examples.
    • Fixed bug CORE-5776 : "Input parameter mismatch" error after altering external function into PSQL function
    • Backported CORE-5772: Client hangs when working with events under high load
    • Fixed bug CORE-405 : Garbage vs indices/constraints
    • Avoid GetThreadId() which is not present in WinXP (see CORE-5772)
    • Fix thread priority for attachmentShutdownThread (it was run at lowest priority)
    • Fixed bug CORE-5773 : PSQL cursor doesn't see inserted record
    • Backported CORE-5778: fails if -path argument contains "firebird"
    • Let ExtDS preprocessor and SQL parser handle '\r', '\n' and '\r\n' as end of line. It should fix bug CORE-5783 : execute statement ignores the text of the SQL-query after a comment of the form "-"
    • Backport of fix CORE-5790 - User with DROP DATABASE privilege can't drop database Fixed CORE-5791: ODS for windows builds and linux-x64 (on the one side) and linux-x86 (on the other side) does not match
    • Updated installer for MacOSX
    • Postfix for CORE-5791 - no GNU extensions in awk are actually needed
    • Backported CORE-5796: gstat may produce faulty report about presence of some none-encrypted pages in database
    • Backported check for access rights to BLOBs. It should fix CORE-5801. (#158)
    • The deadlock is with windows loader lock and plugin's list mutex.
    • Avoid recursive locking of plugins list mutex. This fixed deadlock at PluginSet::next.
    • Fixed bug CORE-5436 : [FB3 SC] Server hangs (under load test)
    • Partial backport of CORE-5804: Multiple error in REVOKE operator.
    • Fixed revoking grant option for field permissions.
    • Backported CORE-5822: Wrong error returned to client when WireCrypt=Disabled is used
    • Backported CORE-5829: gsec does not release user manager plugin
    • Fixed inconsistency in request/transaction state after error
    • Backported fix for CORE-5830: Encryption Interface crashing Firebird process when working on big db file (6.7GB)
    • Related to CORE-5830 and auto pointers changes, suggested by Vlad
    • Backported CORE-5824: Segmentation fault during install on Linux
    • Backported CORE-5831: Not user friendly output of gstat at encrypted database
    • Fixed CORE-5833 - DDL triggers for some object types (views, exceptions, roles, indexes, domains) are lost in backup-restore process.
    • This should fix bug CORE-5837 : Inconsistent results when working with GLOBAL TEMPORARY TABLE ON COMMIT PRESERVE ROWS
    • Avoid not synchronized access to the shared list + some minor adjustments
    • Fixed CORE-5755: No error if the GRANT target object does not exist
    • Fixed memory corruption inside MultifactorHash which leads to crash on CORE-5082, for example - RC - March 4, 2018, 3:16 p.m.
    • Fixed CORE-5598: block size exceeds implementation restriction error while inner joining large datasets with a long key using the HASH JOIN plan.
    • Fixed bug CORE-5695 : Position function does not consider the collation for blob.
    • Fixed bug CORE-5694 : Duplicate values in columns with a unique constraint.
    • Fixed CORE-5713 - Field alias disapears in complex query.
    • Fixed bug CORE-5720 : Sweep in Firebird 3 in CS mode could run too slow when there is big load on server.
    • Improvement CORE-5727 : Make faster engine response on cancel\shutdown signals when scanning long list of pointer pages.
    • Fixed CORE-5745: GRANT privileges error during database restore.
    • Backport CORE-5747: User can grant USAGE privilege by himself. Error messages were corrected.
    • Backport CORE-5753: Parser allows to use GRANT OPTION for FUNCTION and PACKAGE.
    • Backport CORE-5754: ALTER TRIGGER check privilege for alter database instead of table.
    • Backported CORE-5757: deadlock with events.
    • Fixed bug CORE-5760 : Server process crashes while restoring database.