Red Database 3.0 - v3.0.15

May 15, 2024, 9:56 a.m.



  • Fix evaluation of DP sequence which may be incorrect if it's done after CCH_HANDOFF call. RS-173057.
  • Crash potentially caused by BETWEEN Operator. FB-7860.
  • Changed minimum number of characters for key -xn to 2. RS-155548.
  • Ignore missing UDR libraries during restore. FB-7168.
  • Hang in a case of error when sweep thread is attaching to database. FB-7917.
  • Tracemgr crashes when it can't create an output file. RS-157707.
  • Duplicate records in the multithreaded restore log. RS-158917.
  • Incorrect SHOW output in ISQL. RS-151381, RS-151431, RS-151695, RS-151696, RS-151368.
  • Unable to restore database when .fbk was created on host with other ICU. FB-7950.
  • Hashgen segfault with incorrectly incoming data. RS-155640.
  • Mint segfault when sign-algorithm is too big. RS-157795.
  • Unexpected results when using CASE WHEN with RIGHT JOIN. FB-7993.
  • Set the swept flag for data pages of non-system relations during restore. RS-98299, RS-160860.
  • Hang when database with disconnect trigger using MON$ tables is shutting down. FB-7979.
  • Collect sort cache even if sort is not linked to owner. RS-161567.
  • Add a separate condition for inversion with boolean for look the best candidate. RS-153798.
  • Make sure DPM_get will not use a page number from an inactive slot in a pointer page. RS-92275.
  • Broken gbak statistics. FB-8027.
  • Allow access to database in shutdown mode (single or multi) for SYSDBA and user with the RDB$SYSADMIN role only. RS-165161.
  • Don't grant admin privileges to RDB$USER role. RS-165161.
  • Restore the original LM error code for timed out confict waits. RS-159431.
  • Load libldap and libgss with dlopen. RS-92775.
  • Verify the relation ID and the sequence when fetching a data page through a pointer page. RS-159008.
  • Prevent buffer overflow during data page compression. RS-160299.
  • Do not print a general index error if an index name cannot be determined. RS-86799.
  • Protect the index-related code from buffer overflow which could be caused by corrupted index nodes. RS-86799.
  • Prohibit calling CCH_release and CCH_handoff if a thread holds no buffers. RS-158363.
  • Do not call CCH_flush when isc_info_allocation or isc_info_db_size_in_pages is requested because it ruins the performance of the Superserver with a large page cache. RS-168539, RS-149475.
  • Crash with SIGBUS when there is no free space on the partition with memory-mapped files. FB-8048.
  • Run action_validate as RDB$ADMIN, RDB$DBADMIN or RDB$SYSADMIN only. RS-154980.
  • Broken replication of multiple databases sharing the same GUID. RS-171369.
  • Server hangs when transaction number exceeds 2^32 due to overflow. RS-171204.
  • Correction of SQL SECURITY / AUTHID location in isql -extract. RS-92273.
  • Fix extraction of PSQL procedure and function bodies. RS-170300.
  • Removed ParallelWorkers and MaxParallelWorkers config parameters bounds check. RS-163315.
  • Fix crash slave in reset function when remove map with formats. RS-169650.


  • Use a 48-bit value to store blob length in the database. This will avoid reading the entire large blob to calculate its length. RS-154929.
  • Reworked handling of invalid objects during restore. RS-155569.
  • Update Windows distributions with zlib version 1.3.1. FB-7978.
  • Ability to activate / inactivate system. RS-152832.
  • Write attachment ID and statement ID in names of jrd scratch files. RS-164581.
  • Admit export version when extracting migration sql. RS-168805.
  • Move ExtAuth plugin to standard edition. RS-170596.
  • Add "SQL SECURITY" clause for external routines. RS-170264.