Red Database 3.0 - v3.0.13-cert.1

Dec. 19, 2023, 11:36 a.m.



  • Incorrect declarations of trace functions in the public API.
  • Incorrect primary page count in gstat. RS-140668.
  • Generation of incorrect data recovery script for downgrade. RS-87092.


  • Bypassing incompatible data during downgrade. RS-87092.
  • Predefined RDB$SYSADMIN, RDB$DBADMIN, and RDB$USER roles. RS-142866.
  • Clearing memory for trace logs after they are archived. RS-142651.
  • zlib library updated to version 1.13. FB-7755.
  • Added EVENT_DATABASE field for all binary trace events. RS-144930.
  • For each security event, its level and type are recorded. RS-142650, RS-143025.
  • A new SecurityLog configuration parameter that implements the ability to send security event messages to the system log. RS-143110.
  • Mint shuts down database if metadata validation completes with an error. RS-142647.
  • Ability to sign metadata in mint using a certificate. RS-142875.
  • More informative output of CryptoPro plugin error messages.
  • Ability to check plugin hash from plugins.conf before loading it. RS-143120.
  • The number of events recorded by the trace plugin is added to trace records. RS-143021.
  • New trace option "archive_directory" defining the path to the compressed log files. RS-142649.
  • Procedures with SQL SECURITY DEFINER can use authentication via ExtAuth the with login of the owner. RS-148158.