Red Database 3.0 - v3.0.12

Oct. 25, 2023, 10:13 a.m.



  • Bugcheck in CCH_RELEASE. RS-151331.
  • Crash in setLockAttachment on disconnect. RS-71697.
  • Incorrect sorting by fields calculated via nested select. RS-82213.
  • Sweep can make garbage records visible. RS-92275.
  • False positives of "missing entries for record X" error during index validation. RS-144459.
  • Garbage collection in indexes and blobs is not performed in VIO_backout. FB-7747 RS-146910.
  • Crash on parsing "ALTER TABLE <table> ALTER <column>" query. RS-147696.
  • Precedence relationship between a record page and a blob page is not set while modifying a blob field of a record. FB-7737.
  • Crash on multiple connections/disconnections. FB-7738.
  • Update all computed fields if a domain used in them was modified. RS-146271.
  • Stability of implicit cursor could be broken, if cursor's select expression is based on view with sub-query in select list, or on table with sub-query in computed field. FB-7713.
  • Check if temp dir exist and do not try to create it to avoid unnecessary warnings in unit status. RS-96567.
  • Classic server rejects new connections. FB-7480 FB-7661 FB-6728.
  • Performance issues in prepare_update. FB-7662.
  • Slow database restore when Classic server mode is used. FB-7233 FB-5385.
  • Crash on replica when apply journal with describe table. RS-140444.
  • DROP TABLE executed for a table with big records may lead to "wrong page type" or "end of file" error. FB-7664.
  • Print warnings occurred during commit in ISQL. FB-7663.
  • Некорректная сортировка результата при использовании LEFT JOIN. FB-7665.
  • Segfault when new attachment is done to shutting down database. FB-7626.
  • Binary trace doesn't work via rdbtracemgr. RS-8667.
  • Crash or memory corruption when too long multifactor username is used. RS-141960.
  • ISQL does not output comments when displaying metadata. RS-98346.
  • The same library is loaded through different file names.


  • New configuration parameter "DefaultIsolationLevel" . RS-146773.
  • Вxecution of PSQL commands without SET TERM. RS-142466.
  • New ISQL option "-XN" to export metadata without "SET TERM" commands. RS-142466
  • Adding the tag "(mend)" when the log is output by the utility "gfix" with the key "-mend". RS-71563.