Red Database 3.0 - v3.0.0.788

Dec. 28, 2017, 1:07 a.m.


  1. New data type BOOLEAN
  2. SMP support in Superserver
  3. CONTINUE in looping logic
  4. Subroutines in PSQL and EXECUTE BLOCK
  5. Identity Column Type
  6. PSQL functions
  7. Window functions
  8. DDL triggers
  9. PSQL packages
  10. C++ client API
  11. New pseudocolumn RDB$RECORD_VERSION which returns number of the transaction that created the record version, as viewed from the current transaction
  12. Detailed query execution plans
  13. Single server executable which can be switched to any architecture with config parameter (Super, Classic, SuperClassic)
  14. Parameterized excepceptions
  15. Removed 64K limitation of SQL query in new client API
  16. Manage nullability in domains and columns
  17. Extended maximal password length. Removed support of parameters LegacyHash and Authentication in config
  18. Added DELETE support in MERGE operator (SQL-2008)
  19. SUBSTRING with regular expressions (SIMILAR TO format)
  20. Removed limitation of maximal length 32K of triggers and stored procedures body
  21. RETURNING ... INTO ... support in MERGE operator
  22. COMPUTED BY columns now can use BLOB type
  23. SSL/TLS support
  24. RETURNING support in UPDATE and DELETE operators with using WHERE CURRENT OF
  25. Allowed to use WHEN MATCHED/NOT MATCHED multiple times in MERGE operator (SQL-2008)
  26. Improved SIMILAR TO performance
  27. Ability to deactivate user
  29. Support role changing without reconnecting
  30. Bi-directional ("scrollable") cursors support
  31. OFFSET/FETCH support (SQL-2008)
  32. Support relations and indices validation without exclusive access
  33. IPv6 support
  34. Network traffic compression
  35. WHEN SQLSTATE support in PSQL errors handlers