Cook - v0.4.0

March 21, 2023, 10:11 a.m.



  • Analysis of firebird.log and replication.log for fatal replication errors and node removal from replication RS-55210
  • Display of database copying progress via nbackup RS-82917
  • Regular expressions for matching a clustered database with a local one during replica initialization RS-82877
  • Generation of Gobetween configuration in Consul RS-74865


  • Now the node will stop abruptly if it detects files from another cluster RS-97506
  • Now the standard system path to config is used in cookctl as well RS-97394
  • Now the node waits for the replication directory to be ready before becoming a replica RS-97243


  • Unnecessary replication directories are created RS-97393
  • An extra archive is applied during failover to a replica RS-97499
  • Node state not updated during stop RS-98272
  • Catchup can fail if slave left behind for several generations RS-98274
  • Fix two-way TLS between Cook nodes and Consul RS-98386 RS-98385 RS-98383
  • Standalone node tried to sync data even if no master node in cluster RS-98142