New version of RedExpert 2023.01 has been released

Jan. 24, 2023

New version of RedExpert 2023.01 is available.


  1. Recompilation all triggers, procedures, functions and packages
  2. Association of *.fdb files with RedExpert
  3. Recalculation of index selectivity
  4. Support for external triggers
  5. SQL SECURITY support for procedures, functions and triggers
  6. "Switch data display" button and key combination [ALT + NUM_ADD] in data tab
  7. Exit confirmation dialog
  8. Specifies explicitly how a table field is sorted (COLLATE) when creating a table
  9. “DDL to create” tab in "Edit constraint" panel
  10. Ability to view password during user creation and authorization at
  11. Ability to replace "\n" with another symbol when exporting to file with separators
  12. Ability to work with functions and packages in privilege manager
  13. Support for triggers on views


  1. Trace recognition
  2. Parsing SQL script with queries that have complex nested constructions
  3. Incorrect default value generation for procedures and functions
  4. Impossibility to create a new connection through the menu in the Russian localization
  5. Generating of primary keys when creating a table, if their names must be escaped
  6. Quotation mark when exporting into CSV
  7. Error when interacting with table constraints that have invalid default names
  8. Error when generating SQL script for adding table constraints when only one constraint was inserted into script instead of multiple ones
  9. Red Expert hangs after a data access error in the “Data” tab of the “Table” menu.
  10. Adding comments to database elements like “User” or “Domain” while editing them
  11. Generating SQL script when adding a new column to a table
  12. Export to a spreadsheet. Now export to Excel 2007 is possible
  13. Automatic generation of table name on creation
  14. Updating auto-complete cache after metadata changes
  15. Incorrect displaying of procedure parameter sizes
  16. Script execution error output if there is no connection
  17. Executing non selective procedures in the query editor
  18. Wrong message about authentication error
  19. Invalid connection status in the toolbar
  20. Loading data in a table when moving the cursor to the last table row
  21. Updated keyword list for syntax highlighting
  22. Creating a database with default charset
  23. Flickering interface in privilege manager
  24. Invalid representation of “DATE” type when exporting to SQL
  25. Undo/redo (Ctrl+Z/Ctrl+Y) in the query editor
  26. Nonoptimal space usage by result set in query editor
  27. Application hangs when opening objects

Download and install the new version.