New version of RedExpert 2021.02 has been released

Feb. 18, 2021

New version of RedExpert 2021.02 is available.


  • Fixed generation of a query to create a column with collate.
  • Fixed bugs with auto-completion in the query editor.
  • Closing the Query Editor does not throw an exception.
  • Fixed display of domain size.
  • Fixed opening of the query editor on an empty database.
  • Executing the script: the script is taken from the text field if no file is selected.
  • Ability to specify a port when database if created using a script.
  • Displaying information about tables from external files.
  • Optimized loading of metadata.
  • Fixed opening packages in firebird database.
  • When generating a query, comments to columns are displayed each on a new line.


  • Improved application interface
  • Added support of DDL triggers

Download and install the new version.