Red Database

RED SOFT and Basalt SPO announced their products compatibility

Feb. 5, 2018

"RED SOFT" and "Basalt SPO" announced the successful interoperability testing of two products from the developers' lines: Red Database DBMS (RED SOFT) and «Alt» family operating systems, including ALT Linux SP 7.0 (Basalt SPO). The full compatibility and correctness of the products functioning was confirmed, which makes it possible to recommend a certified industrial open-source DBMS «Red Database» as a database for Alt Linux Linux SP 7.0. This testing contributes to deepening the technological partnership of companies, which is strategically important in the context of the need to expand the possibilities for building IT infrastructure and effective import substitution.

«Red Database» DBMS is a modern open-source industrial DBMS that is not inferior to the industrial DBMS, developed by the leaders of the world database market. It is included in the Russian Unified Register of Russian Computer Software and Databases. «Red Database» DBMS is certified by FSTEC of Russia.

«Alt Linux» is a functional, protected and affordable operating system with a Russian interface for workstations and servers, using which you can implement both rapid deployment of the network to provide the infrastructure of the enterprise and installation on a personal computer. Operating systems Alt Workstation and Alt Linux SP 7.0 are included in the Unified Register of Russian Computer Software and Databases.