Red Database

RED SOFT presents Red Database 3.0 DBMS

Dec. 28, 2017

RED SOFT has released a new version of Red Database DBMS, based on the Firebird 3.0 kernel. A key feature of the release is a redesigned architecture that fully supports multithreading with scaling up to hundreds of processor cores. The shared cache of a multithreaded server is using more efficiently the processing power, hense increasing the scalability and performance of application systems by several times.

In terms of functionality, Red Database 3.0 implements DDL triggers, packages, window and statistical functions that greatly simplify creation of analytical queries, as well as bidirectional cursors that allow to move through dataset forward, backward and shift to N positions from the current position.

The maximum possible database page size is increased to 32Kb. Transaction counters became 64-bit.

In addition to the version 2.6 authentication methods: by password, by certificate, using LDAP, the GSS authentication plugin is implemented, which automatically authenticates users who have already received a ticket when they log on to the system.

Red Database 3.0 DBMS contains a new object-oriented C ++ API. Now you can create different types of plugins for the realization of own authentication methods, stored procedures, and functions, cryptographic operations in any programming language. The CryptoPro 4 cryptoprovider is supported "out of the box", it is possible to develop Your own extensions in the Java language, additional methods of authentication and audit are implemented.

Red Database 3.0 DBMS inherits security classes and security levels under the certificate of FSTEC of Russia No. 2729, valid until October 8, 2018, confirming compliance with the class 5 security requirements according to the Guidance document "Means of Computing Machinery. Protection against unauthorized access to information. Indicators of protection against unauthorized access to information" and compliance with level 4 requirements of control of non-declared functionality under the Guidance document "Protection against unauthorized access to information. Part 1. Information security tools software. Classification of the level of control of absence of undeclared functionality.". It is expected to complete inspection procedure in the 1st quarter of 2018.

Red Database 3.0 DBMS can be used in government information systems up to the first class of security inclusive and personal data information systems up to the first level of security of personal data inclusive.