Red Database

RED SOFT took part in the "Database Technologies 2017" conference

Nov. 29, 2017

RED SOFT experts took an active part in the conference "Database Technologies 2017" (Moscow, November 29). Within the framework of the event, Roman Simakov, Director of the System Product Development Department, made a report.

The report "Accessibility Technologies in Red Database Database" was a detailed consideration of a set of technologies for Red Database DBMS (logical, physical and incremental backups, various types of replication, etc.) that help preventing problems and ensure their timely correction without stopping the service. Particular attention was paid to the analysis of a wide experience of using the Red Database DBMS within the solutions for federal agencies of the Russian Federation.

Guru of FirebirdSQL Project Dmitry Emanov dedicated his report "Firebird DBMS: Monitoring, Tracing and Diagnostics" to the analysis of architectural and technological solutions in DBMS Firebird, used for the implementation of tools for online database diagnostics. Particular attention was paid to the details of these mechanisms and the subtleties of their use in practice.

On the fields of the conference, experts of RED SOFT (Roman Simakov), FirebirdSQL Project (Dmitry Emanov) and Postgres (Oleg Bartunov) discussed the issue of training personnel for the development and operation of domestic DBMS, as well as the possibility of doing basic training for the university students. The experts agreed to jointly develop and implement a training course in the technical educational institutions of the Russian Federation. In addition an exchange of experience in the field of solving actual DBMS problems took place.