Red Database

RED SOFT products are compatible with FastReports.Mono

Feb. 22, 2020

FastReports and RED SOFT signed the compatibility certificate of FastReport.Mono and RED OS operating system and RedDatabase. The test results have confirmed the correct work of the products. FastReport.Mono is a generator of documents for the Mono Framework (Linux) written in C#. It includes a visual document builder, a generator of reports, documents as well as various export filters which allow you to save a document in different popular formats.

RED SOFT implements complex projects using its own technology stack. The products of the company are: the operating system RED OS (Linux family) and the relational database management system RedDatabase. They completely meet the requirements of the Information Security of Russia.

Rustam Rustamov, Deputy General Director of RED SOFT, has commented: “Our partnership program is focused on providing compatibility between our products and other software developments tools. RED SOFT, together with FastReports are glad to present a new solution for the market.”

Michail Fillipenko, General Director of FastReports, has said: “A technological partnership with RED SOFT gives tangible results. The confirmation of the compatibility of our flagship products opens new IT solutions on the market.”