Red Database

RedExpert - GUI database managment tool from Red Soft

Jan. 18, 2019

This is the first public release of the database manager RedExpert!

RedExpert is based on Execute Query and works on Java. The main features are:

  • Concurrent work with multiple databases
  • Development and executing any SQL queries supported by DBMS in SQL editor. Showing result of selective queries.
  • SQL query formatting
  • Autocompletions of commands
  • Designing database structure in visual constructor of ER-diagrams. Supporting of the Reverse Engineering and exporting the diagrams in different formats.

In additional to that in RedExpert implemented:

  • Supports all versions of RedDatabase and Firebird "out of the box"
  • Creating and altering any database object with visual editor
  • Tracing any actions with database in real time by using trace manager
  • User manager
  • User and roles privileges manager
  • Support of any kind of authentication

Unfortunately documentation is now available only in Russian. Feel free to ask us about English version. It will force us to translate.

Download and try RedExpert right now.

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